How do I get someone else’s Email address?

From my Outlook session

  • Use the Outlook menu bar (at the top) to select Tools/Address Book as shown

bhlc contacts 1

  • From the Address Book shown, Select Global Address Book. You can simply copy contacts or right-click and add them to your address book for later use.

bhlc contacts 2

From my Web Mail (Google mail)

  1. Logon to Google Apps Mail for Brunswick Healthy Living Centre by click on this link Http:// and enter your normal logon information
  2. google apps contact 1 Then select the Contacts tab at the top
  3. google apps contact 2 Then select the Directory section to list all Contacts in the system
  4. The full directory list is then displayed. You can select individual contacts to see further information such as Phone number and even birthday!

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