What is BHLC ?

BHLC is a registered Charity based at Brunswick Hub. Its core ethos and reason for existing is to provide services connected to health and well being. We have an holistic approach with core themes of supporting physical, mental and economic health; as well as providing information and advice.

The vision of BHLC is to see a healthy community fulfilling it potential.

Our mission statement is "to be an organisation that will provide accessible services, choice and opportunities to enable communities to fulfil their potential and improve their health and wellbeing".

BHLC holds a clear set of values...
Being non judgemental, inclusive, welcoming, open and transparent.
Creating a safe environment, endeavouring to empower the individual, removing barriers and improving access to services.
Valuing and respecting individuals, having commitment to a person's journey (including staff and volunteers) whilst assisting personal development.

Services offered by BHLC...
Coffee Shop
Dementia Café and support for carers
Digital Services
Employment Programme
Physical Activities
Slipper Service
Volunteer Programme
Work Experience Programme

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